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Accurately and timely detection of damage to aircraft engines is critical for aviation missions. But relying on manual inspection of blades by maintenance technicians is time-consuming, prone to human error, and not sustainable for the growth of platforms using integrally bladed rotors.

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Featured Capability

Intelligent Damage Assessment Cell Technologies

Automated Inspection System

ARCTOS’ Intelligent Damage Assessment Cell technology automates aircraft engine inspection during overhaul and enables damaged structures to be accurately assessed with high accuracy and efficiency using robotically controlled high fidelity scanning.

Intelligent Damage Assessment Cell™ allows depots and maintenance facilities to construct a digital replica of complete engine rotors, which then can be used to inform and automate downstream maintenance and repair operations. Everything from engineering analysis to repair planning can be done digitally, and that digital thread lives alongside the maintenance record of the engine for future reference and comparison.

Our proven, proprietary cell model has been developed using advanced high fidelity scanning equipment and collaborative robots suitable for use around humans. Machine learning models are enabling this technology to automatically recognize and detect various types of damage, reducing time and effort for human technicians who can focus on what to do next.

Create and keep a digital replica of every engine, to understand damage and take proactive maintenance action with the power of cutting-edge analytics.

Other Sustainment Capabilities

In-situ Welded Patch Repair with Parent Metal Properties

Enable patch repairs of damaged IBRs using a patented micro-forging process designed to provide parent-metal metallurgical properties.

Aerospace Sustainment In-situ

(US-10,156,140-B2 & EU Approved)

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