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Through prep, liftoff, flight, and landing, space missions face various risks — to personnel, equipment, and data. The variables involved in keeping missions on track and safe are nearly incalculable. And navigating the launch safety regulatory landscape without expertise can keep many missions grounded.

Luckily, we’ve already done the math and charted the course.

ARCTOS has established leadership in Flight Safety Analysis (FSA) and other safety capabilities through diligent expertise and experience. For decades, we have provided government space flight missions with accurate collision avoidance, vehicle risk assessments, and material hazard analysis. Need help developing a launch safety package for your rocket? Help with the licensing process? Get in touch.

Featured Capabilities

Launch Safety Licensing Services

Ensure your mission’s safe and successful launch through the industry standard of launch safety assessments.

ARCTOS has decades of experience in complex probabilistic risk modeling to identify potential hazards of space flight. We pioneered the industry-leading trajectory and debris analysis software that is used to ensure safety in the air and on the ground.

Need help with launch or ground hazard analysis, FAA Part 450 launch licensing, or spaceport licensing? Depending on your needs, we can support that directly or with our partners Launch on Demand – get in touch below.

Airborne Vehicle and Rocket Analysis Software

Discover the limitations and potential challenges of your craft and avoid costly disasters, before liftoff.

ARCTOS AVRA is a commercially available suite of tools which provide launch and re-entry risk analysis capabilities, supporting analysis against RCC-321 and FAA Part 450 regulations, and powered by the same computation engines used to ensure safety at government ranges for decades in Range Risk Analysis Tool (RRAT) and Trajectory Toolkit (TTK).

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Other Launch Safety Capabilities

Explosive and Toxic Hazards Analysis Services

Establish the safety protocols of fuel, munitions, and other materials with confidence in proper handling and management.

ground site safety analysis

— Senior Missile Flight Control Officer, U.S. Army

“ARCTOS provided 10+ years of exceptional support to the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site (RTS) Mission Safety Division as the Range Safety Support Services contractor. Their technical expertise, creativity, and dedication led to a partnership where RTS could successfully meet both range safety requirements and customer objectives.”

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Ensure the Safety of Your Mission

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