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With a broad spectrum of applied R&D experience, we are the aerospace mission partner with the capabilities to field an integrated team for any project.

Amber Chang-Armstrong, Chief Engineer, SLD 45/SE

“[ARCTOS] has continued to be dependable, trustworthy,
and mission-focused. They provide excellent capabilities at a competitive price and were always receptive to incorporating new technologies into their daily practices and to modifying their processes to meet emerging trends.”

Aerospace Systems

A proven track record supporting customers across the full lifecycle of successful aerospace systems and missions.

  • Air-Breathing Propulsion and Power
  • High-Speed Structures and Vehicles
  • Thermal Management Systems
  • Space and Launch Systems
  • Communications and Controls
Aerospace Systems AARM System
person using a computer in a lab

Advanced Materials

Technical experience to develop next-generation materials to unlock new capabilities in aerospace applications.

  • Metals, Ceramics, and Composites
  • Electronic Materials and Devices
  • Nanoscale and Biological Materials
  • Multi-Material 3D Printing
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation

Smart Manufacturing

Build the future using proven components and industry-leading manufacturing processes.

  • Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Advanced Repair Processes
  • Sensor Feedback and Controls
  • Manufacturing Data Security
manufacturing equipment in a lab
3 flat squares of different material samples

Digital Engineering

Bridge digitized technology and physical domains to optimally support modern missions.

  • Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • Digital Twin and Digital Thread
  • Automated Computer-Aided Design
  • 3D Scanning and 2D-to-3D Conversion
  • Cybersecurity of Digital Systems

Modeling and Simulation

Ensure successful missions and reduce disasters, with proven and trusted modeling and simulations.

  • Explosives, Blast, and Impact Modeling
  • Computational Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics
  • Atomistics-to-Continuum Multiscale Models
  • Optimization of High-Performance Computing
  • Mission-Level Operational Analysis

Sensing and Analytics

Capture mission data and turn it into meaningful insights, from instrumentation to data science.

  • Airborne and Remote Sensing
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Chemical Sensing Technologies
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Data Sciences and AI/ML

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