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Manufacturing is a challenge in the aerospace industry. Parts are structurally complex and need to meet the highest quality assurance standards of almost any industry — standards that most conventional manufacturing processes struggle to meet at reasonable costs.

That’s not a problem for us.

ARCTOS is helping companies adopt metal 3D printing for prototyping and production, to accelerate agile development and ensure timely delivery of mission-ready products. With off-the-shelf capabilities and the ability to collaborate on unique solutions, our laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) capabilities and process monitoring enable researchers and commercial organizations to take advantage of the latest in smart manufacturing.

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Featured Technologies

PANDA™ Metal 3D Printer

Push the boundaries of additive manufacturing with highly configurable LPBF systems.

Panda Printer

Materials and component costs are at an all-time high, especially at the low production volume necessary in specialty mission projects. This can hold back smaller projects or organizations with restrained resources. It can also lead to mission-busting budgets for larger missions. The PANDA™ Metal 3D Printer allows for the creation of specialized parts that deliver optimal performance at reasonable costs.

As the leader in next-generation additive manufacturing, ARCTOS helps to deliver components that move missions further than ever before.

PANDA is highly-configurable to accommodate nearly any mission requirement.

PANDA is ideal for:

  • Advanced LPBF applications and parts that require better laser technology
  • Technology development
  • Materials research
  • Training and education

Key features include:

  • Multiple laser modalities
  • Multiple build size options
  • Configurable lasers/optics
  • The most flexible control software
  • Advanced process monitoring
  • Multi-material deposition

— Edward Herderick, PhD., Director of Additive Manufacturing, Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence, The Ohio State University

“[This] has been a great addition to our fleet of metal printers.  We’ve done many new alloy development campaigns utilizing the direct control of optics and parameters coupled with high temperature bed heating.  The system is easy to clean, which for our usage is really important.”

— Bill Macy, Macy Consulting, Inc.

“[ARCTOS’ open source LPBF system and in situ process monitoring software] are influencing the industry and providing much needed process knowledge to the market space. Their team is highly capable and responsive to the industry requirements.”

AMSENSE® Process Monitoring

Achieve better output and performance, while lowering costs, through automated collection and analysis of real-time production telemetry.

AMSENSE is the ultimate platform for in situ sensing and analytics, giving you better production visibility and part quality insights.  With up to 5 available advanced sensors, and over a dozen options for simple sensor inputs, AMSENSE is a comprehensive offering for quality control.  AMSENSE is offered on PANDA and as a 3rd party add-on to a variety of OEM machines.

AMSENSE provides:

  • Full access to all data
  • Plugin interface for analytic development and implementation
  • Industry-leading sensor technology
  • Modularity – sensors can be mix and matched to suit your application

Key sensors include: 

  • Thermal Tomography
  • High speed spatter imaging
  • Recoat imaging
  • Long-wave Infrared imaging
  • Coaxial melt pool sensing
  • Simple sensors such as photodiodes, thermocouples, and others

Application-Focused Design for Additive Manufacturing

Produce the right part through the right material and production method through our systematic design process.

Understanding your mission is our business. And making sure that you deploy the right components — built the right way out of the best materials to take your mission forward is how we do it.

ARCTOS applies our proven, systematic approach to application-focused design to create customized solutions that address the specific needs of each customer or mission. This approach takes into account the particular requirements of the application, like the need for high strength or low weight, and develops a solution that optimizes performance while meeting these requirements.

We are constantly employing the most efficient digital design and manufacturing processes available — pushing the boundaries of today’s cutting-edge technologies.

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