Case Story

Air fleet flying high thanks to additional ground support

   LIFE IS GOOD    Picture this… you’re responsible for more than five thousand military aircraft in addition to hundreds of missiles and satellites.
   BIG CHALLENGE    But, you need extra expertise to properly maintain your fleet. Your budget and resources are spread thin, so you don’t have enough people on your payroll to resolve system malfunctions, mend aircraft wear and tear, or dig into why something went wrong – or how to prevent problems in the future. If you’re going to keep everyone safe, you’ve got to get more help.
   HELP ARRIVES    So, you turn to ARCTOS. We’ve got decades of collective experience with nondestructive evaluation, so we’re able to quickly assess your fleet and tailor our processes to fit your technical and budgetary needs. We also support everything from research on new materials to failure analysis to ensure you have what you need to complete your missions.
   LIFE IS EVEN BETTER    Now, you can be certain your fleet flies safely. And you sleep better at night knowing that the ARCTOS team is taking all the relevant NDE factors into consideration to prevent problems as well as providing solutions quickly and cost-effectively to any issues they encounter. That’s the difference of the all-in approach.