ARCTOS is an innovative engineering, science, and technology company with over 60 years of proven support to our customers. We deliver exceptional contributions to aerospace systems and propulsion, materials and manufacturing innovations, space operations, and directed energy research. ARCTOS unites STEM leaders, nationally recognized technical experts, and program managers to deliver solutions within continuously evolving operating environments. From cutting edge additive manufacturing and space asset support to aircraft maintenance in remote austere environments, ARCTOS is “All In” for the warfighter, our customers, and team members.

    Full Lifecycle Support
      • Research & Engineering Services
      • Digital Engineering
      • Operations & Sustainment Support
      • Workforce Development & Outreach
      • Expeditionary Solutions

    Flexible Contracts & Partnering
      • Best-in-Class Vehicles: OASIS, ASTRO
      • Multiple IDIQ Prime Contracts
      • Diverse SBIR/STTR Phase III
      • Consortia and R&D Agreements

    Quality & Commitment
      • 60+ Years in Industry
      • AS9100D, AS9110C, AS9120B, & ISO 9001:2015 Certified
      • Approved Accounting & Purchasing Systems
      • Customer-Focused Culture


Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E)

The ARCTOS RDT&E team connects leading researchers across industry, Government, and academia. ARCTOS research efforts resulted in eight patents, 80+ peer-reviewed publications, 50+ formal technical reports, and hundreds of technology presentations to military and Government. Our materials researchers have developed and tested geopolymers for 10+ years, resulting in innovative applications in construction materials, insulation, and heat-resistant components. Our aeronautical engineers are developing advanced solutions in metallurgy, additive manufacturing, and next-generation propulsion systems that offer higher performance, greater efficiency, sustainability, reduced environmental impact, and lowered cost of ownership.

  • Basic & Applied Research
  • Advanced Technology Development
  • Rapid Prototyping & Experimentation
  • Testing & Evaluation Support

Space Programs

ARCTOS provides engineering and technical expertise to manage space operations, analyze and mitigate mission risks, and ensure the resilience of space assets. We develop specialized tools and capabilities in launch and re-entry risk analysis that benefit space and next-generation hypersonic vehicles and weapons systems through our proprietary physics-based modeling and analysis of critical performance data. ARCTOS capabilities enhance and sustain America’s edge in the continuously changing space environment.

  • Technical Operations Support
  • Launch/Re-Entry Risk & Safety Modeling
  • Special Access Programs
  • Commercial Space Support

Risk & Safety Software Tool site

Data Analytics

ARCTOS provides critical research, analytical, and technical support to maintain, equip, and supply our nation’s Armed Forces. National and global supply chains are increasingly complex, interdependent, and reliant on information technology. ARCTOS leverages expert insights into the technological and logistical complexity of supply systems to empower our customers to manage supply chain risks effectively and build more resilient systems. ARCTOS partners with cutting edge companies in additive manufacturing, using innovative technology to offer on-site fabrication of spare parts and tools.

  • Manufacturing Readiness Assessment
  • Supply Chain Vulnerability Analysis
  • Data Analytics & Visualization Tools


Enabling Technologies

Our system engineering expertise spans the entire system lifecycle from design, development, and seamless integration to sustained operations. We help our customers define and quantify system goals, analyze alternative approaches, and perform trade-off studies to design and integrate systems that meet mission objectives with efficiency and sustainability. ARCTOS specializes in transitioning emerging technologies in digital engineering, data visualization, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and additive manufacturing into real-world mission applications.

  • Digital Model-Based Engineering
  • Robotics & Automation
  • AI/ML Techniques & Smart Systems
  • Open Hardware/Software Solutions

Sustainment Solutions

ARCTOS works with the DoD, Federal agencies, and local governments to provide research and advanced development in the optimization of aerospace materials including ceramics and ceramic-matrix composites, metallic alloys, and hybrid systems. ARCTOS provides technology for quick reaction response support for failure analysis and materials and process issues. Our SmartRepair™ solution combines innovative repair techniques, digital engineering, and adaptive automation to improve MRO resiliency and cost-effectiveness. We specialize in Nondestructive Evaluation/Inspection (NDE/NDI) of composite, metallic, and hybrid materials. Through our IRAD efforts, ARCTOS explores, assesses, develops, and transitions innovative NDT techniques, technologies, and procedures to depot and field solutions.

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Automated Inspection and Analysis
  • Spatial Registration for NDE/NDI
  • Qualified Material Repair Processes

Keystone Partnership       Open Additive Partnership       NDE Case Story


Data-Centric Mission Operations

Data is the connective tissue of modern warfare. ARCTOS is a leader in automation, management, and curation of data, as well as in analytics and digital engineering that drives data to solutions. Our solutions organize and store data in a manner that is platform- and environment-agnostic, uncoupled from hardware or software dependencies. We manage complex systems through insightful engineering, industry best practices, access management, encryption, monitoring and protection of data at rest, in transit, and in use.

  • Intelligence Analyst Support
  • Tailored Data Integration Tools
  • Contested Logistics Planning
  • Secure Network Communications

Readiness Enhancement

ARCTOS provides fully integrated engineering and management capabilities spanning the entire system lifecycle. ARCTOS has saved Government customers millions of dollars through effective operations and maintenance management, with specialized expertise in repairing repairable parts to extend their service life. Our integrated logistics support solutions reinforce mission readiness from initial deployment through updates and technology refresh cycles, all the way to decommissioning and disposal. Most critically, we specialize in field services and DMSMS to extend the operating life of systems, aircraft, and support equipment when replacement parts become obsolete and hard to find.

  • Specialized Inspection & Repair
  • Corrosion Analysis & Prevention
  • DMSMS Obsolescence Management
  • Reverse Engineering & TDPs


Workforce Development

As new technologies and operational changes emerge, ARCTOS provides workforce development plans, curriculum, and strategies to train personnel on the latest processes and skills requirements. We provide expertise in cross-training and cross-utilization of personnel to provide optimal flexibility and rapid responsiveness to labor demands. ARCTOS also develops and implements tools for monitoring, tracking, and analyzing performance data, which we use to increase operational and cost efficiency.

  • “New Collar” Workforce Initiatives
  • Organizational Development
  • Human Capital Management
  • Tailored Assessment Tools

Outreach Programs

ARCTOS is dedicated to growing the defense workforce pipeline through building cooperative programs with Government partners that promote STEM and related job fields to future generations. ARCTOS has over 18 years of exceptional performance leading K-12 STEM programs and events for the Educational Outreach Office at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB). Our experienced Outreach team is comprised of passionate subject matter experts and educators who provide thought-provoking and hands-on curriculum, events, and teaching techniques.

  • Diversity Outreach
  • K-16 STEM Initiatives
  • Technology Internships
  • Local – Regional – State – National Reach

WPAFB Educational Outreach

Events Management/Facilitation

ARCTOS has successfully managed and executed large-scale in-person and virtual STEM events for over 20 years, including the Defense Manufacturing Conference and the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Conference. ARCTOS utilizes our proprietary Conference Management System to host our user-friendly events app for attendees, as well as our online speaker and exhibitor portals, which provide for seamless event coordination and easy submission of customer requests. Our team also designs and maintains the public-facing conference/event website for maximum engagement and registration from attendees.

  • DoD/Industry Working Groups & Meetings
  • Major Technical Conferences
  • Virtual Meetings & Workshops
  • International & Commercial Events

Upcoming Meetings Management Events


Safety and Risk Management

ARCTOS supplies our warfighters with advanced technology and enhanced force protection. We have developed new coatings and coating processes to protect and extend the life of equipment. Our test and evaluation capabilities include hazardous substances such as: mustard agents, acetylcholine esterase inhibitors, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, and other chemical threat agent simulants. ARCTOS Safety Risk Management (SRM) ensures the safety and reliability of complex systems through sustained, diligent application of risk management tools. To enable efficient, environmentally responsible waste management on deployed missions, ARCTOS has performed extensive funded research on biodegradation; these studies characterize the biochemistry and molecular mechanism for breaking down fuel additives, solvents, and the nitroaromatic compounds used in explosives and industrial synthesis. Additional ARCTOS projects explore concepts for managing bulk waste, in particular food waste, to support deployed operations.

  • Deployable Digital Manufacturing
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Chemical Agent Identification and Modeling
  • Energy-Efficient Shelter Systems